B+W Slim 010 Filtro UV 72 E MRC

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B+W Slim 010 Filtro UV 72 E MRC

B+W Slim 010 UV 72 E MRC

Attention: you can not use your existing lens cap

Extra thin filter for lenses with a wide-angle effect greater than 28mm, to counter effect vignetting (black corners on the picture).

UV filter
The UV filter absorbs invisible ultraviolet light from the sky, which can cause blur and to which many color films react with a blue cast. Actually, the filter should be referred to as a UV blocking filter because there are also UV filters that correct UV that actually pass through UV radiation and block all other types of light. Among photographers the term "UV filter" is always used for UV absorbing filters. UV filters are ideal for photography in high altitudes, at sea and in regions with very clean air. The pictures gain brilliance and any disturbing blue cast is avoided. Apart from the disappearance of the blue cast nothing else changes on the photos. The color rendering remains the same and an extension of the exposure time is not required. The UV filter is therefore very suitable for permanent mounting on the lens. The filter is screwed on the front of the lens and protects against sand, sea water, dust and the like. You would replace the filter then a, much more, expensive lens. The filter is recommended for both analogue color and black-and-white, as for digital recording.

Multi-Resistant Coating
MRC of B+W is not merely an extraordinarily effective multilayer coating. It is also harder than glass, so that it protects the filter against scratches (for example, when cleaning the filter). Water, moisture, dust and dirt particles hardly attach to the filter's surface, which ensures an even longer optical quality of the filter.

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B+W Slim 010 Filtro UV 72 E MRC
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B+W Slim 010 Filtro UV 72 E MRC

B+W Slim 010 Filtro UV 72 E MRC

99,95 €

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