Bresser Digital NV NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3,6x 250m/940nm

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Bresser Digital NV NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3.6x 250m/940nm

The Bresser Digital NV NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3.6x 250m/940nm is a night vision device with invisible 940nm infrared lighting. The night vision binoculars have a built-in image sensor, so you can also use them during the day.

The 1920/1080 pixel sensor offers full HD quality, making every detail clearly visible. The infrared lighting is dimmable in 5 steps, so you can adapt it to different observation situations. Its wavelength range of 940nm makes it undetectable to animals and therefore ideal for wildlife observation. You can also aim the infrared lighting over a long distance for more control of the lighting. The screen's backlight can be adjusted in 15 levels to prevent your eyes becoming strained in complete darkness. Easily record video and photo in complete darkness. Store your results on an SD card (sold separately) from 8 to 128 GB.

The battery status can be read on the screen. A full battery lasts 5 hours at normal infrared power and 3.5 hours at full power. These night vision binoculars are suitable for long journeys because you can charge them with most standard power banks. The power bank mounting option is included in the package. The night vision binoculars switch off after 10 minutes not in use. Making the battery last longer. With a start-up time of 3 seconds, you can see in the darkness again in no time. The CMOS colour sensor displays a colour image on the LCD screen during the day. At night with the infrared lighting on, the device automatically switches to night mode and displays the image in black & white.

Features of the Bresser Digital NV NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3.6x 250m/940nm

  • Invisible 940nm infrared lighting dimmable in 5 steps
  • 1920/1080 pixel sensor
  • Adjustable LCD backlight (15 steps)
  • SD storage
  • Charging via power bank optional
  • Battery status display
  • Maximum battery life: 5 hours
  • CMOS colour sensor


  • Bresser Digital NV NightSpyDIGI Pro FHD 3.6x 250m/940nm
  • Bag
  • Carrier strap
  • Power bank holder for power banks up to 20 cm in circumference
  • USB cable
  • AV cable
  • Cleaning cloth
  • User Manual





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