NiSi TRUE COLOR ND-VARIO 1-5 paradas 95mm

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NiSi True Color ND-Vario 1-5 stops 95mm

The NiSi True Color ND-Vario 1-5 Stops 95mm is designed for mounting on lenses with 95mm filter threads on the front and offers exposure reduction from 1 to 5 stops. The density of 0.3 to 1.5 obscures the entire image, allowing you to shoot with a larger aperture or longer shutter speeds than normally required. The degree of density can be easily controlled by turning the front filter ring with or without the supplied silver lever, allowing you to determine in advance the additional exposure length needed.

By slowing down the exposure time or by increasing the aperture, you can control the depth of field and convey movement more easily. The transition of density is smooth, allowing the photographer or videographer to adjust the exposure length to the exact amount needed for a given scene.

For easier, repeatable control of density settings, the front ring is visually marked with numbers representing the various stop values. The ring features silver serrations on the side for a secure grip and easy installation and removal. For those using this filter with cinema or video cameras, combined adjustments of aperture and this filter allow fine adjustments of depth of field while maintaining the designated frame rate.

The variable ND filter offers True Color, this prevents colour shift seen with other variable filters. The NiSi True Color ND-VARIO Pro Nano 1-5stops Variable ND is made of high-definition optical glass for the best resolution and quality. The glass is coated with the NiSi Nano coating that provides a waterproof, oil-resistant and anti-reflective coating to prevent ghosting and reflections. The filter ring is made of high-quality aluminium creating a very light and strong filter.

Features of the NiSi True Color ND-Vario 1-5 stops 95mm

  • Variable ND filter
  • Enables the use of larger apertures or longer shutter speeds
  • Holds back light for 1 to 5 stops
  • True Color prevents colour shift
  • NiSi Nano coating
  • Filter size: 95 mm
  • Colour: black, silver


  • NiSi True Color ND-Vario filter 1-5 stops 95mm





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Tamaño del filtro (mm)95.0Technical specs
Tipo de filtroGrey filter (ND)Technical specs
Filtro de gradienteNeeTechnical specs
Filtro variableJaTechnical specs