Tripode de hombro

A shoulder tripod is specially designed to allow your camera to rest on your shoulder. This type of tripod has a special shoulder support that provides additional support during filming. Because the weight of your camera equipment is distributed across your body, you can shoot more comfortable and more stable. In addition, with a shoulder tripod, you have more freedom of movement over a tripod. This allows you to quickly switch between different views and horizontal and vertical images.

3 artículo(s)

3 artículo(s)

Fluent movements

The shoulder tripods in our range are equipped with two handles. With these handles you can easily determine the camera's direction. This allows you to position the camera in different directions in a smooth motion. A shoulder tripod is ideal when you want to shoot in busy locations, because you can quickly anticipate in various situations.

Stable video images, even with heavier equipment

The u of a shoulder tripod makes it more pleasant to work with heavier camera equipment. Because your video camera rests on your shoulder, you can also make smooth and controlled movements with heavier and larger devices. Additionally, shoulder tripods prevent unwanted hand movements caused by the weight of your video camera. But even when working with lighter equipment, a shoulder tripod is an outcome. Certainly when you want to shoot for a longer time, a shoulder tripod is the solution to relieve your arms.


For extra ease and stability, you can use counterweights. This is especially pleasant when working with heavier equipment. The counterweight keeps your camera in balance and minimizes vibration.

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