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    Sony | History | Sony cameras | Sony lenses |Inspiration

    Wherever you are, with Sony you have the accuracy, the style as well as the ease of use to record every moment perfectly. Discover a world filled with visual expressions with a camera from Sony. Always be up-to-date, benefit from competitive offers and be inspired by the products from Sony. There is a good reason for calling them 'The Power of Imaging'. 

    Sony history

    Sony is world famous as a manufacturer of televisions, smartphones and audio equipment. In the world of video and photography, the market share of the Japanese brand is also growing increasingly. In 1981, the brand developed its first digital camera, the Mavica A7AF, whereby images were still stored on floppies. Developments quickly followed each other and the Mavica soon made way for cameras with a sensor, memory card and a separate lens. Meanwhile, Sony has the popular Sony Alpha series, the Sony Cybershot compact cameras, Sony video cameras and various Sony lenses such as the Sony 70-200 mm and the Sony 16-35 mm.

    Sony cameras

    The Sony cameras from nowadays have been designed to inspire. Sony has made a distinction in the RX-series, Alpha series and Cybershot series. Do you opt for the all-in-one user-friendly compact camera? A camera with a fixed lens for the all-rounder or everyday photographer? Or do you prefer more freedom by being able to change lenses? Then choose the advanced Alpha DSLR or mirrorless camera from Sony. Whatever you choose, make memorable photos of a fantastic quality.

    Sony lenses

    Sony has a suitable lens for every situation, divided into E-attachment, A-attachment and adapters. Sony offers a wide mix of Sony and Zeiss lenses. The jewel of Sony is the G-master series: nowadays the lenses of the future. High resolution and attractive bokeh together form the G-master lens.

    Vlogging with Sony

    Filming is an important development in the world of image makers. Sony has various cameras in the range which fit perfectly with the wishes of a video maker. With the RX0 Mark ll you are totally ready for adventure, if you are looking for a compact camera, then the RX100 mark VA is a good choice. If you want to raise your videos to a higher level, then consider the A7S mark ll or the A7 mark ll.

    Vlog Camera ZV-1

    Sony has launched a special camera for making (daily) vlogs or videos. The Vlog Camera ZV-1 is ideal for every content creator thanks to the fast eye focus as well as a windshield so you always have good sound. Time to find out everything about the Sony Vlog Camera ZV-1